Thursday, January 28, 2016

Joseph Fiennes playing *that* Michael Jackson??!? you probably have already heard, a British TV-movie producer has cast Joseph Fiennes as the soul singer Michael Jackson in an upcoming production. Salon, predictably, has registered how boggledeth its collective mind hath become at Having noted such, I suggested something a bit different in the comments section, as is copied below:


 ...for decades, there was another famous Michael Jackson, a white South African native who emigrated to the U.S. and was a talk show host on KNX, KABC and KRLA in the Los Angeles market. He was eventually forced out of talk radio because he was a considerate and courteous liberal who refused to become a belligerent conservinazi in the wake of Lardass Limbaugh's bullying of the talk radio sub-industry. And he was constantly getting fan mail intended for the pop music Michael Jackson, and to a lesser extent vice versa. Even when the singer died, people started mistakenly placing memorials to him at the still-alive broadcasting namesake's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As should be obvious, either Joseph Fiennes or, for that matter, Ralph Fiennes could easily play the broadcasting Jackson with a helluva lot less makeup. And the idea of a comedy about the confusion of one Michael Jackson with another distinctly different Michael Jackson sounds a lot more promising than one trying to get laughs over Marlon Brando's morbid obesity in the wake of the WTC/Pentagon/Pennsylvania terrorist attacks...

+++ is a photo of the broadcasting Michael Jackson about midpoint through his very long tenure at KABC:

...of course, neither Ms. Taylor or Mr. Brando would likely be a part of such a story (did Michael Jackson ever have either Ms. Taylor or Mr. Brando on his KABC or KRLA programs?). Or am I simply so old-fashioned that such a story would actually only appeal to myself and the surviving Mr. Jackson?...

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