Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4 April 2012: The First 30 Songs on My iTunes Shuffle Playlist

1. "Skating" by George Winston (Vince Guaraldi's piece from the score for "A Charlie Brown Christmas")

2. "Somethin' You Got" by Alvin Robinson ('60s soul side)

3. "Granny Takes a Trip" by The Purple Gang (1967 psychedelic pop novelty)

4. "Only the Strong Survive" by The Electric Indian (studio instrumental version of the Jerry Butler hit)

5. "Who's The Fool" by Singin' Sammy Ward (one of Motown's earliest singles)

6. "Wonder What You'll Be" by The 4 Seasons

7. "If the River was Whiskey" by Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers (1930s country blues)

8. "Walking Down Lonesome Road" by The Merrymen (garage rock from Sweden)

9. "Big T" by Les Reveres (surf rocker)

10. "So Young" by Clyde Stacy & The Nitecaps ('50s schlock rock)

11. "Babylon" by Don McLean

12. "Innersanctum" by Jim Wolfe & The T-Towners (spooky surf rock instrumental)

13. "Got You Babe" by The Lincoln Street Exit (Native American psychedelic rockers from Albuquerque)

14. "Jealous Lover" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

15. "Get Rich Quick" by Little Richard (his very first RCA Victor single)

16. BEDROOM STEWARDESSES radio commercial (1968 West German sexploitation flick starring Curd J├╝rgens)

17. "Soul Girl" by Jeanne & The Darlings (Volt soul hit of the '60s)

18. "Satisfyin'" by The Brood (garage punk rocker)

19. "Dizzier & Dizzier" by Chano Pozo with Dizzy Gillespie & His Orchestra

20. "Leaning" by Robert Mitchum & Lillian Gish (the duet from the audio track of THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER)

21. "Who's Sorry Now?" by Milton Brown (dynamite Western Swing version)

22. "Kiss" by Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and Missy Elliot (2004 BRIT Awards performance of the Prince tune)

23. "Model Village" by The Penny Peeps (1968 British psych rocker)

24. "April in Paris" by Charlie Parker (the "Bird with Strings" studio master)

25. "River Deep, Mountain High" by The Supremes & The Four Tops

26. "You Must Be a Witch" by The Lollipop Shoppe (legendary psychedelic rocker)

27. "Love 1985" by The Marketts (from the OUT OF LIMITS album)

28. "Every Little Thing" by The Beatles

29. "Come On" by The Sensational Saints of Ohio (solid Gospel)

30. "Skin Game Blues" by Peg Leg Howell ('20s Georgia blues)

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