Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 December 2010: The First 30 Songs on My iTunes Shuffle Playlist

1. "Safe as Milk" by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (rest in peace, Don)

2. "Soul Makossa" by Afrique (cover version of the Manu Dibango hit)

3. "Wedding Ring" by The Easybeats

4. "Angels of Grace" by Po' Girl (great blues from the Home to You album)

5. "She May Call You Up Tonight" by The Left Banke (mid-'60s popsters)

6. "Uncertain Love" by Slim Rhodes with Dusty & Dot (B-side of Rhodes' 1955 Sun Records country single "Don't Believe")

7. "Hold It" by Buddy Starr & The Starliners (Texas rockabilly instrumental)

8. "Stockyard Blues" by Floyd Jones (early Chicago blues classic from Jones' 1947 debut recording session)

9. "Get It On" by Chase

10. "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye

11. "Komm mit auf den Hinterhof" by Buck & Sylvie (German cover of the Hello/Ace Frehley glam rock hit "New York Groove")

12. "Honky Tonkin'" by Willie Lewis & The String-Poppers (cover version of the Hank Williams classic)

13. "Roadrunner Baby" by The Roadrunners (Jackson, Michigan garage rockers from 1970, with a sample of Mel Blanc's cartoon voice dropped in)

14. "No Stranger Now" by Blind Boy Fuller (1940 Carolina Gospel blues)

15. "Time Has Come Today" by Steve Earle & Sheryl Crow (from the Steal This Movie soundtrack)

16. "She's a Woman" by The Beatles (from Live at the BBC)

17. "Queen Bee Drag Racin'" by the Demolition Doll Rods (Detroit's legendary garage/grunge rockers)

18. "I Found Myself a Brand New Baby" by Mike & The Modifiers (1962 Gordy Records doo-wop rocker)

19. "Duppy Conquorer" by Bob Marley & The Wailers (the Trojan version)

20. "Eye In The Sky" by Evergreen Blues (tasty pop funk from '69)

21. "Another Town, Another Train" by ABBA

22. "Instro" by Fausto (Portuguese psychedelia)

23. "Humanity (Part 2)" by Ennio Morricone (from his original score to the 1982 remake of The Thing)

24. "Double Duty Lovin'" by Eddie Bond (1955 Ekko Records boppin' 'billy)

25. "Bopsody in Blue" by Edgar Blanchard & The Gondoliers (1959 New Orleans instrumental jump blues)

26. "Boom Mag-azeno Vip Vay" by The Cashmeres (early R&B vocal group on Mercury)

27. "Hold Me Tight" by The Beatles (from Meet The Beatles!)

28. "Vox Wah Wah Spot" by The Electric Prunes (1967 radio commercial)

29. "Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now" by The Hotsy Totsy Boys with Duke Ellington (recorded on 8 June 1925 for Gennett, one of Sir Duke's very earliest recordings and one of the first records daring to use an African-American musician to accompany Caucasian vocalists -- consequently, the side wasn't commercially released and it only survived as a test pressing)

30. "Loe & Behold" by Sir Lord Baltimore (1971 hard rock from Black Sabbath's one-time opening act)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

15 songs on the iTunes playlist

...I just posted this note over at my Facebook page. I figure it would be just as good here, too...

...pilfered from Lisa Mickey Hard-Knox Fairclough: 

(1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer.
(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please.
(4) Choose 15 people to be tagged. It is generally considered to be in good taste to tag the person who tagged you.If I tagged you, it's because I'm betting that your musical selection is entertaining, or at least amusing. To do this, go to "NOTES" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, enter your 15 Shuffle Songs, Tag 15 people (under the post) then click Publish

...I'm giving y'all some bracing space so that you can get yourself ready for the first title on my list; just my luck, I get one that a lot of people would actually consider to be dirtier than even Zappa's "Dinah-Moe Humm" ;-) ...


1. "Come in my Mouth" by Tobie Columbus (from the Original Cast album of the 1974 Off-Broadway musical Let My People Come -- I DID NOT CHEAT ON THIS LISTING! IT'S ACTUALLY WHAT POPPED UP FIRST ON THE PLAYLIST!!! HONEST!!!!!)

2. "I'm a Real Glad Daddy" by Curtis Potter (1950s rockabilly side)

3. "Move Mister Man" by The Contours (1962 Motown single)

4. "The Blob" by The Five Blobs (theme song from the Steve McQueen flick)

5. "Red Hot" by Billy 'The Kid' Emerson (legendary Sun Records rockabilly classic)

6. "Got My Mojo Working" by Muddy Waters (the 1957 Chess Records single version)

7. "Lights" by Kim Fowley (psychedelic rock single he did for Loma Records in the U.S. and Parlophone in the U.K. from November 1966)

8. "Please Don't Call Me in the Morning" by Lonnie Donegan (from his 1999 Muleskinner Blues album)

9. "Hab Dank Für Jeden Tag" by Tina York (1977 German-language cover of The Kinks' "Days")

10. "Rhumba Chillen" by Albert Williams (1950s classic Sun Records blues side)

11. "Cherry Wine" by Little Esther with Johnny Otis & His Orchestra (1953 Federal Records blues hit)

12. "You Got What I Want" by The Moviees (1998 single from a Rochester, NY garage revival band)

13. "Go Ahead On" by Guitar Red (yet another Sun Records blues classic)

14. "I Have an Interest Over There" by The Five Blind Boys from Alabama (1948 side from the Golden Age of Gospel Music)

15. "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac" by Aggie Duke (1958 Beat Generation side)

...and for good measure, here's the next 15 sides:

16. "That Ain't Right" by Ada Brown with Fats Waller & His Rhythm (January 1943 blues side for Victor; coincidentially, Fats Waller died 67 years ago yesterday)

17. "Walk on the Wild Side" by Si Zentner (big band version of the title theme from the 1962 movie)

18. "Every Day I Write the Book" by Elvis Costello & The Attractions (the 1983 single)

19. "Phantom 309" by Edgar Buchanan (cover version of the Red Sovine country hit by the actor who played Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction)

20. "Long Time" by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (from the Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth LP)

21. "Slow Down" by Jack Earls & The Jimbos (another '50s rockabilly classic)

22. "Morgen Kommt Der Tag" by Manuela (German-language cover version of the 1966 Percy Sledge soul hit "Warm and Tender Love")

23. "Cruising for Burgers" by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention (from the Uncle Meat album)

24. "Satan's Holiday" by The Lancasters (actually Ritchie Blackmore playing "In The Hall of the Mountain King" in 1965, produced by Kim Fowley)

25. "Shoot Your Shot" by Junior Walker & The All-Stars (1967 Soul Records single, pretty much a sequel to "Shotgun")

26. "What is Life" by George Harrison (the second single from the All Things Muss Pass album)

27. "Drizzle" by 14 (1968 British psychedelic rock single)

28. "Come To Me Darling" by Ruby Johnson (1966 Volt Records soul classic)

29. "Wicked Devil's Blues" by Robert Peeples (November 1929 Paramount Records blues side, recorded by an African-American singer in the then-lily-white town of Grafton, Wisconsin!)

30. "A Clockwork Orange" by Wendy Carlos (title theme from the movie of the same name)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Radio Highlights for Tucson, December 5 & 6, 1941

...the last days before The War (for the U.S.A., anyway)...

Sources: Tucson Observer and Arizona Daily Star


550 KOY Phoenix (CBS)

610 KFRC San Francisco (Mutual)

620 KTAR Phoenix (NBC opt)

630 KVOD Denver (NBC Blue)

640 KFI Los Angeles (NBC Red)

680 KPO San Francisco (NBC Blue)

790 KECA Los Angeles (NBC Blue)

810 KGO San Francisco (NBC Blue)

820 WBAP Ft. Worth (NBC opt)

820 WFAA Dallas (NBC opt)

850 KOA Denver (NBC Red)

930 KHJ Los Angeles (Mutual)

1030 KOB Albuquerque (NBC opt)

1070 KNX Los Angeles (CBS)

1080 KRLD Dallas (CBS)

1160 KSL Salt Lake City (CBS)

1200 WOAI San Antonio (NBC opt)

1290 KVOA Tucson (NBC opt)

1400 KTUC Tucson (CBS)

Both newspapers used the designation “NBC-opt” to describe the affiliations of KTAR, WBAP, WFAA, KOB, WOAI and KVOA; by this, I’m assuming that these stations had the option of choosing programming from either Red or Blue. Both papers also listed KPO and KGO as above, with both stations affiliated with NBC Blue; in actuality, KPO was the Red Network affiliate for the Bay Area.




Adventure Stories, KGO

Kate Smith Hour, KTUC

Lucille Manner, KOA


Flying Patrol, KGO

Lum & Abner, KVOA


Information Please, KVOA

John Vandercook News, KGO


Tom Mix Stories, KGO


Waltz Time, KFI

What’s On Your Mind?, KTUC

Hollywood Adventures, KECA

The Playhouse, KRLD


Uncle Walter, KVOA

Michael & Kitty, KGO

First Nighter, KTUC


Ginny Simms, KTUC

A.P. Newscast, KGO


Wings of Destiny, KVOA

Shirley Temple Time, KTUC


Al Pearce, KTUC

Grand Central Station, KFI

Bernie Walker, KGO


Fred Waring, KVOA

Amos ‘n’ Andy, KNX


Lum & Abner, KFI

Lanny Ross, KNX


Gangbusters, KGO

The Playhouse, KTUC

Jimmy Dorsey, KRLD

Music for Everyone, KVOA


Kate Smith Hour, KNX

CBS Newscast, KRLD

Pigskin Party, KVOA


Newscast, KVOA




News, KTUC


Breakfast Club, KVOA


News, KTUC


Kay Thompson, KTUC


The Band Played On, KVOA


Our Barn, KVOA

Old Dirt Dauber, KTUC


Theater of Today, KTUC


Let’s Pretend, KTUC


Voice of Broadway, KTUC

America the Free, KVOA



Metropolitan Opera, KVOA

Of Men and Books, KTUC


USC Vs. UCLA Football, KTUC


American Festival, KTUC

Little Old Hollywood, KVOA



Frank Graham, KTUC

Who Won the Game?, KSL

This World, KGO

Guy Lombardo, KRLD


Anita Carroll, KTUC

The Ran Wilde Orchestra, KVOA


Stoker’s Orchestra, KPO

Boy Meets Band, KVOA

Hobby Lobby, KRLD

Hollywood & Vine, KSL


Saturday News Review, KTUC


Public Affairs, KTUC

Hawaii Calls, KFRC


Elmer Davis News, KTUC


National Barn Dance, KFI

Message of Israel, KVOA

Your Hit Parade, KTUC


Toscanini Concert, KVOA

Sports Scores, KNX


Saturday Night Serenade, KNX


R.P. Patterson, KFI

Public Affairs, KTUC


Grand Ole Opry, KVOA

Juan Arvisu, KTUC


Bishop & Gargoyle, KVOA


Ask Young America, KVOA

Hobby Lobby, KNX

Public Affairs, KTUC

Playhouse, KOA


Fun Fables, KOA


W. Winter, KNX


A.P. Newscast, KVOA

Your Hit Parade, KNX

H.V. Kaltenborn, KOA

Truth or Consequences, KFI


Newscast, KTUC, KVOA


A.P. News, KVOA



Two-Round Jamboree, KGO


Bradley Songtime, KNX

Melodies by Martha, KSL


Sports Scripts, KOA


The World on Parade, KGO

Chet Huntley news, KNX

Martha Mears, KSL

Weiner, violinist, KPO


Blue Moonlight, KPO




A.P. Newscast, KNX